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Your advantages at a glance

  • Increase the traffic of relevant users of your online shop

    Become visible and stand-out – even in highly competitive markets

  • Remove barriers and inhibitions

    Smart OnPage optimization for improved conversions

  • Efficient use of your online marketing budget

    Smart Ecommerce SEO reduces your advertising efforts

  • Analyze your market presence with our E-Commerce SEO Check

    Recognize the potential in your e-commerce presence

Profit from our professional SEO Optimization

Increase Range & Sales

E-commerce SEO supports online shops with their visibility in search results and enables them to maintain top-ranking in the long term – even in highly competitive markets. Top rankings on Google & Co. generate sustainable high-quality traffic. This will save you, in the long term, on your online marketing budget because you will require a minimal financial commitment to gain visibility and organic top rankings.

With top rankings in Google & Co., quality traffic demands you sustainably.

Conversion through optimized structure and degradation of barriers

Conversion through optimized structure and degradation of barriers

For visibility and conversion in e-commerce, aside from the classic SEO texting, the structure of your website and the reduction of purchase barriers play a particularly important role. OnPage optimization interlinked with user experience optimization enables potential customers to make an unforgettable purchase and generates sustainable fans of your products. Your conversion rate and revenue will grow with the help of this sophisticated holistic approach.

E-commerce SEO as a special discipline

E-Commerce SEO is the supreme discipline in search engine optimization.

Standard SEO knowledge alone is not enough to make an e-commerce business a success. When it comes to online marketing for e-commerce companies, there are numerous success-determining factors to consider, especially in the technical area where SEO-relevant optimizations are essential.

Widespread shop systems such as Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce have SEO-relevant vulnerabilities, which are often only remedied by many years of experience with various e-commerce companies. Particular attention must be paid to potential landing pages when optimizing online shops. The challenge is to create landing pages that are both SEO-optimized and conversion-optimized, with the addition of the best quality score for Google Ads.

This combination requires a lot of tact and experience, which we have gained during the implementation of our own e-commerce projects as well as that of our international customers. With our professional know-how, you can reach your business goals without any detours.

Our offer for you

  • E-commerce SEO audit and individual analysis
  • Long-term e-commerce SEO support
  • Crisis counseling & problem solving
  • In-house workshops on e-commerce SEO

Our Services


E-commerce SEO audit and individual analysis

We analyze the SEO status of your online shop and show you how to increase the potential of your e-commerce presence, improve sales and increase conversion rates. Upon request, we will also be happy to develop a powerful strategy with your existing agency or your in-house competent department so that you are fit for global competition.


Long-term e-commerce SEO support

In terms of SEO support, an ever-changing path is the main goal: The algorithms of the search engines change at regular intervals and that’s what we have trained our eyes to pick up. We are always up-to-date and keep track of the latest Google updates. A content strategy adapted to the latest developments of search engines is essential in order to score big with relevant content. But you do not have time? We are there for that! Put the SEO-care of your e-commerce channel in our hands, we accompany you as an outsourced SEO department and lead you towards success.


Crisis counseling & problem solving

Do Google Updates Worry You? Do you want to know how to bring your online store back to the top of the top rankings after a loss of visibility? We have many years of experience in crisis consulting and are happy to assist you in overcoming your SEO problems.


In-house workshops on e-commerce SEO

Do you want to know more about Ecommerce SEO? Do you need help with the further development of your employees? We will gladly assist you with tailor-made workshops that will pick you up at your current status and bring your department up-to-date with the latest SEO knowledge.

Trust our SEO expert team

  • Over 12 years’ experience in SEO
  • Over 40,000 SEO students & # 1 rated SEO course on the online platforms,,
  • Bestselling author of several publications
  • Unique international experience
  • Years of experience in SEO – Crisis Management
  • Specialist knowledge in the area of ​​Penalty Recovery