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Your advantages at a glance

  • Digital brand recommendation with strategy: Link building is digital word of mouth

    Better brand visibility with a thoughtful link building strategy.

  • Benefit from a top position in organic search results

    Support your SEO with a customized link strategy.

  • Focus on sustainable brand building

    Build your brand and trust in you long-term and sustainable.

  • Trust in our expert know-how

    Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of link audit and construction.

  • Gain visibility in international markets

    Reach your audience in multiple languages and across borders.

Profit from our professional Off Page Optimization

Linkbuilding & Brandbuilding = your competitive advantage!

Linkbuilding – your digital trust management

Any link that leads to your page is a recommendation – it can be both positive and negative. Negative links often lead to a Google penalty, which can only be removed by professional Google Penalty Management.

A SEO audit with a customized link building strategy is therefore essential for your business success for several reasons. On the one hand Google evaluates these backlinks like word of mouth. They are an important indicator for Google and decide on the value and relevance of your homepage.

A smart link strategy – especially in the course of implementing international SEO – improves your ranking in organic search results, making it an important part of any SEO strategy.


Link building is brand building

On the other hand, you can significantly increase the confidence in your brand through a sophisticated link strategy.

Trust leads to a simplification of the purchase decision with the customer and gives him the necessary security to make the right decision. Intelligent brand building especially supports brands and companies with high competitive pressure to differentiate themselves from other brands.

It will increase the quality of your traffic on your website in the long term, as well as your conversion rate and thus your profits.

We are happy to support you in addition to off-page optimization (link building) and on-page optimization including SEO copywriting.

Targeted link building informs your target group and encourages you to buy

The right link building strategy helps to increase visibility in search engines.

Proper link building oriented to the target group also ensures that those users already interested in the topic – ie your potential customers – are specifically directed to your website when searching for detailed information about your product or service due to increased recommendations in the network

Linkbuilding as a complementary online marketing measure usually proves to be a successful strategy for maximizing profits.

Quality before Quantity

The first step is to determine the current status of your link building strategy. In the course of this analysis, we recognize which backlinks have a positive or negative influence.

An intelligent brand building penetrates deep into the DNA of your brand communication and looks at your brand from many sides: In the second step, we look more closely at your communication strategy as well as your market and competition situation. With this knowledge, we are able to design a link strategy with added value and relevance for your customers.

In this context, the quality and reputation of the backlinks are essential. These feed into the evaluation of the search engines of your brand presence and have a direct influence on your visibility in organic search results. Therefore, part of the strategy may well be to remove toxic links to improve your link profile and thus your ranking.


Future-oriented link building without consequential damage

With years of Google Penalty Recovery experience, we know what it can mean for a business to lose 90% of its SEO traffic from one day to the next, thereby losing much of its revenue. Especially if search engine presence is one of the most important traffic resources, Google penalties can mean not only lost sales but also the dismissal of employees or even the closure of the company.

Instead of risky optimizations for short-term revenue growth, we therefore always rely on a future-oriented, qualitative search engine optimization, which brings sustainable success.


Set backlinks across national borders

For many industries, such as e-commerce or tourism, a link strategy is essential, which also supports you outside the German-speaking area. As an internationally active agency, we work together with an experienced link building team outside the national and language borders.

Profit from our professional backlink building

Our offer for you

  1. E-commerce link audit
  2. E-commerce analysis of the market
  3. E-commerce creation and implementation of a backlink strategy
  4. E-commerce in-house workshops on the topic of professional link building

Our Services


E-Commerce Link-Audit

In the ranking of search engines, both the positive and the negative recommendation links flow. Google is particularly hard on web strategies that circumvent existing Google regulations. As part of the link audit, we look at the status of your backlinks in detail.

This link audit is automatically part of the SEO audit, but can of course also be booked as an individual service if required. For example, if you have been punished by Google and need support to identify and remove toxic links.


E-commerce analysis of the market

Good backlinks are attractive to the target groups and tailored to you. The construction of a concept therefore takes place with care and in several steps. In addition to the screening of the actual situation through a link audit, an intensive analysis of the market, your competitors and your previous communication and marketing strategy forms the basis for a sound link and brand building strategy.


E-commerce creation and implementation of a backlink strategy

Building on a link audit and analysis of the market, we help you to create and implement a strategically sound and sustainable backlink strategy. We document each single set backlink and inform you with regular reports.


E-commerce in-house workshops on link building

Link building is an essential part of online marketing and online communication. In our workshops, we explain to you how the setting of high-quality backlinks works and what measures communication departments can take to sustainably improve the quality of the link profile.