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Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management

Get the most out of your campaigns with a tailor-made concept

Your advantages at a glance

Google Ads Management
  • Strategic design to pick up your customers on the Web

    Let our experts advise you

  • Smart campaign management reduces wastage

    Effective use of your advertising budget

  • Targeted and effective campaigning strategy

    The best mix of measures to achieve your goals

  • Stay on the road to success

    Permanent monitoring and optimization of your campaign

  • In-house workshops on Google Ads Management

    Our experts will further educate you

Profit from our professional Google Ads Management

Strategic online campaign management by a professional team

Campaign management with ongoing optimization

Make a product or service visible the moment customers look for it. When strategically placed, this form of online advertising increases the chance of a transaction.

Google Ads offers you the ability to tailor effective campaigns for your products without incurring budget wastage. It takes years of know-how and experience to get the best possible use out of these services.

Get the most out of your budget

Unsere Experten analysieren Ihre Situation mit einer umfassenden Wettbewerbsanalyse und konzipieren ein ausgefeiltes Google Ads (AdWords) -Konzept. 

Dabei wird mit professionellem und holistischem Kampagnen-Management Ihre Ad-Präsenz laufend optimiert. 

Dazu bilden wir Ihre Business-Strategie in Google Ads (AdWords) ab, lotsen Ihre Zielgruppen auf Ihrer Customer Journey im Web zielgerichtet zu Ihrer Marktpräsenz. Wir kennen Ihre Business-Ziele und wissen, wie Ihre Kunden ‚ticken‘. 

Durch ein laufendes Monitoring Ihrer Konkurrenz haben wir auch Ihren Mitbewerb unter Beobachtung und können auf seine Aktivitäten sehr rasch reagieren. Dadurch holen wir das Beste aus Ihrem Budget heraus.

Profit from our professional Google Ads Management

Our offer for you

  • Ongoing, strategic management of your Google Ads campaigns
  • Analyze your Google Ads campaigns
  • In-house workshops on Google Ads

Our Services


Ongoing, strategic management of your Google Ads campaigns

Behind every Google Ads campaign is a sophisticated campaign concept. There are numerous possibilities, and we will find the exact concept that is perfect for your needs and your budget. Through our ongoing monitoring, we will maintain your success and continuously optimize as needed. Only then will the presentation of your products and services achieve the best possible outcome. Work with our experts to ensure professional management in local and international campaigns.


Analysis of your ongoing Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads campaigns are complex in their design and implementation due to their multitude of possibilities. We are happy to analyze your ongoing Google Ads campaigns and identify dormant areas in need of optimization to reach its full potential. If you wish, we will gladly take over the management of your current Google Ads campaigns.


In-house workshops on Google Ads

Do you want to know more about the optimal management of your Google Ads campaigns? Benefit from our experts’ many years of know-how through customized workshops. We will pick you up from your current state of knowledge and develop your know-how in the management of this form of advertising. We look forward to working with you!