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Your advantages at a glance

  • Maximum visibility of your products and services

    Your ads appear at the top of organic search results

  • Minimize your advertising spill

    Only show your ads for targeted keywords

  • Define your daily advertising budget yourself

    Costs are only incurred by clicking on one of your ads

  • Increase traffic and fire effects at the same time

    Target users who are looking for your product or service

Profit from Google Search

Be found by your target group with Google Search

Your Google Ads ads in the search results

Google Ads on the Search Network positions your text ads directly above or below the top of the organic search results. Google Search allows you to showcase your business precisely when users use your profitable keywords in Google Search which is at the exact time they’re actively showing interest.

The probability of simply being seen as a relevant solution or gaining a click on your link is very high at this moment.

You can track the success of your search campaign at any time by tracking conversions.

This will allow us to measure whether the customer’s click on your ad is successful by determining whether or not the customer buys your product.

How much are ads on the Google Search Network going to cost me?

You only pay if a user sets an action – which is a click on your ad. The pure existence of the advertisement does not cost you anything, which makes this form of advertising suitable for branding campaigns. There are several factors that affect the actual price: you offer the maximum price per click, but you only pay as much as you need to defend your Ad Rank.

Incidentally, setting up your campaign with professionals saves you money.  In addition to your bid in the ad auction, a quality factor is included in the bid. Google is interested in only showing its users high-quality ads that are relevant to them. High-quality ads need less budget to get higher ad rankings.

Our experts will be pleased to assist you with the professional design of your Google Search campaign. As an internationally operating agency, we are happy to advise you on campaigns planned outside the German-speaking area as well.

Search engine advertising interlinks with search engine optimization

Organic search results and paid search results follow different laws, however, search engine optimization and search engine advertising should not be seen as separate marketing channels. The two should work together to result in a holistic Google Search strategy. In layman’s terms, search engine optimization is the foundation of any successful market presence and the use of Google Ads completes the online marketing strategy in order to quickly and flexibly achieve advertising goals.

Profit from Google Search

Our offer to you

  • Conception and ongoing support of your Google Ads Search campaigns
  • Analyze your running Google Ads Search campaigns
  • Interlinking of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • In-house workshops on visibility in Google Search

Our Services


Conception and ongoing support of your Google Ads Search campaigns

With an Google Ads Search campaign, you can meet a wide variety of goals. Depending on your marketing goals and budget, we’ll design Google Ads Search campaigns that accurately meet your needs. As part of our ongoing support, we monitor the success of your Google Ads Search campaigns and get the most out of the campaigns through consistent optimization.


Analyze your running Google Ads Search campaigns

Are your marketing efforts not delivering the desired results? No problem! Our experts will be happy to analyze your ongoing Google Ads Search campaigns and optimize them along with your marketing concept and objectives. If you then realize that you should refresh your know-how before starting another campaign, take advantage of our in-house workshops. We are also happy to take over your campaigns for long-term care.


Interlinking of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Depending on the objective, the two Google Search channels usually have different focuses. The integration of both measures into a holistic concept of successful branding takes place between you and our experts. Ongoing optimizations that align with your goals, competitive environment and the recent changes to search algorithms and Google Ads targeting are also an integral part of our services.


In-house workshops on Google Ads & Search campaigns

Do you need to further develop your technical know-how? Our experts have worked with the most diverse tools in online marketing for many years and are happy to give you insight into a large number of possible advertising and optimization methods. In a tailor-made workshop, we will pick you up from your current place of knowledge and explain to you how Google Ads and Search advertising works and what you have to look out for.