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Your advantages at a glance

  • Relaunch Consulting: Conception, re-design and content alignment of your website

    Plan your new digital market appearance with us

  • Relaunch SEO: Your visibility on the web remains guaranteed

    Do not risk ranking and sales loss

  • Avoid ranking losses and sustainably improve visibility

    An SEO audit to plan your relaunch points out risks and potentials

  • SEO monitoring during the relaunch

    We monitor your digital visibility

  • Experienced SEO experts at your side

    We take care of the relaunch problems with the timely solution

Profit from our professional Relaunch Consulting

Relaunch without ranking losses
With us as a professional relaunch partner by your side

Ensure problem-free SEO relaunch

Surgery succeeded, patient dead: a stunning new website does nothing for you if it is not found by Google and, in turn, your customers.

Errors in a relaunch can reduce the visibility of your website – this results in the number of visitors to your website decreasing and the turnover of your company going down with it.

A solution is more time consuming and cost-intensive if the errors have already occurred than the process of identifying the errors before they occur. The ultimate goal of a relaunch consultation is to ensure the smoothest possible SEO transition to a new website.

We support you in the strategic relaunch of SEO and quality assurance so that Google will still find your content after your relaunch and assign it correctly.

Get the most out of your website

As part of a relaunch, it is strongly recommended that your website undergoes an SEO analysis and, if necessary, reorientation.

Your website is evolving, so your SEO should be redesigned and set up accordingly.

In the course of the relaunch consultation, we will gladly analyze your SEO and develop a concept with which you can avoid a potential ranking loss and realize your optimization potential.

Profit from our professional SEO Relaunch Consulting

Our offer to you

  • SEO relaunch advice
  • Reconception of your SEO
  • SEO Relaunch Crisis Consulting & Problem Solving
  • In-house workshops to plan a website relaunch

Our Services


SEO relaunch advice

Our experienced team develops a relaunch strategy with you, accompanies you through the entire project and monitors your visibility and your rankings in the search engines. If there is an SEO problem, we can promptly intervene and work out a solution. You save time, money and your nerves are spared too. Visibility losses are subsequently more complicated to fix than the inclusion of SEO experts in the relaunch planning process. As a rule, the losses in sales resulting from an unprofessional relaunch far exceed the costs of a competent relaunch consultation.


Re-conception of your SEO

As part of the relaunch of your website, the latest Google updates and key changes to the Google algorithm must also be considered. Use our SEO Audit to analyze the potential of your website and reorient your SEO to keep up with the times. Work with our experienced experts to gain a competitive advantage.


SEO Relaunch Crisis Consulting & Problem Solving

So, the errors have already happened and you have a problem with the rankings of your website? We are the experienced “crisis fire brigade”: Our international team accompanies you through the SEO crisis and develops an individual solution strategy. We are at your side to bring you back on the right track.


In-house workshop for planning a website relaunch

What should be done to plan a website relaunch so that visibility and search engine optimization do not suffer? Our experienced SEO experts will show you what to look for in a tailor-made workshop to make your website relaunch a success.

Trust our SEO expert team

  • Over 12 years’ experience in SEO
  • Over 40,000 SEO students & N.1 rated SEO course on the online platforms,,
  • Bestselling author of several publications
  • Unique international experience
  • Years of experience in SEO – Crisis Management
  • Specialist knowledge in the area of ​​Penalty Recovery